Beach, View and Stuffed Fry Jacks

Beach, View and Stuffed Fry Jacks

Follow me here with this… it is quiet morning, the sun is up and the air fresh. A light breeze is blowing off the Caribbean Sea and the sand on the beach is compelling you to kick off your shoes. This is the setting at Pelican Beach Resort in beautiful Dangriga Town.

It makes one think what could possibly add to this experience… well, how about some Stuffed Fry Jacks? (thank me later ok?) Pelican offers them with a few options: chicken and cheese, fish tomato and onion, beans and cheese, egg and cheese, plain cheese and if you wanna spice things up, add jalapeños to the mix. I know what you are thinking.. how can you POSSIBLY decide which TWO to get?! Yes, that is the conundrum… an order comes with two. It is like having to choose your favorite two M&M’s or your favorite two Power Puff Girls! Oh the decisions. Whatever your combo is your tastebuds will be pleased.

Now, there is this moment… it is right after you have placed your order and when those golden brown lovelies arrive. I call this time my “oh how lucky i am to be in Griga, on the beach, feeling the sun on my face while I wait for all this deliciousness” time. During this time, just take in the scenery. Meditate. Enjoy the coffee. Sip on the freshly squeezed orange juice. Snap pics. Look for the resident squirrel (sneaky bugger). Ponder the life of the iguana that wakes up every day to the view you are looking at :).

Then the main event… Stuffed Fry Jacks are here! They come in pairs, golden brown and hot! They may seem lonely on the plate but that is because the entire party is on the inside. For the love of everything good, do NOT add ketchup! (if you do, i will find you! and i will clap you!) What you CAN do though is compliment this amazingness with Marie Sharp Pepper Sauce. Oh yes, i feel my mouth watering. Cutting into these golden beauties is like unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. The difference is though, you get to EAT your gifts!

For those that need the warning… they are hot, so take it easy. Let them breathe… kinda like a good bottle of Merlot. Now… yes, now you can taste them and savor all those flavors. I swear I hear angels sing every time I take a bite of these stuffed fry jacks. It might be the cool breeze flowing through the coconut trees on the beach next to me but angels, yeah, let’s go with angels :).

1: As they bring your order of Stuffed Fry Jacks, ask for another order. The timing will be perfect because as you finish the second one, the new order arrives. BAZINGA!

2: Don’t get a seat in the restaurant. Go outside on the deck, way out. Get one of the farthest tables and just take in the view.

3: Can’t make it for breakfast but still want to have some sort of fry jacks? No worries, get yourself a sweet snack and ask for Belizean Beignets. Powdered sugar covered mini fry jacks. Like woah!

You can get these tasty stuffed fry jacks any time of the day!!!


RESTAURANT: Pelican Beach Resort
1 Pen Rd, Dangriga


post by: JC Cuellar

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